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The prices shown do not include case, shipping and tax (if due).

To secure a place on my waiting list I require the deposit of 10% of the instrument's price. In the case of customized instruments (or rare materials like shaded yew) a further 30% may be asked once manufacture has begun. The balance is required before shipping or delivery and must be paid by bank transfer.
All payments must be made in euro. All bank charges must be met by the customer. I accept PayPal payments for deposits only.
The final price paid for an instrument will be the price originally quoted.
Even if I'll make all my efforts to make an instrument as scheduled I can't give any guarantee in having the instrument completed by a given date. However I'll keep the customer up-to-date about the building of his/her instrument.

Deposits are non-refundable. 
An instrument that has not been fully paid for six weeks after completion will be offered for sale, and the deposit retained.
All my instruments are guaranteed for a period of two years against defects in materials or workmanship. After this time, a payable service is available for any repair or adjustment needed. Shipping costs are paid by the customer even during the warranty period. To enjoy the protection of the guarantee it is understood and agreed that the instrument must be kept in a proper way (e.g. an instrument strung for 415 Hz. tuning should not be tuned at 440 Hz. without changing the strings. I can supply a strings list for the required tuning).
Unless I receive other instructions I will order the case. The customer will choose one of the available makers: 
RCH, Kingham, Manzano or Vorko and have the invoice sent to him. I will be responsible for sending the firm chosen accurate drawings and measurements so that the case can be made correctly. It should be understood that any problems regarding making the case, the materials used, finishes or other problems that may arise in the future are entirely the responsibility of the firm that has constructed it and are a matter that concerns the client and the firm itself.
I can ship my instruments worldwide. Please note that the instruments always travel at the customers risk. The customer should insure the transportation.

Import custom duties, taxes, and any brokerage fees, which may be charged, are not included in the instrument’s price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. These charges are calculated and billed separately by customs once they receive the package.  Import duty and tax are usually collected by the courier (UPS, DHL or FedEx) on behalf of the tax authority of the customer's country.

N.B. Prices shown refer to fundamental models: ebony veneered neck and pegbox and ebony fingerboard (where differently not stated), plum or pear wood pegs, medium figured woods and so on. The woods I use on my instruments are: maple (bird's-eye, flamed or quilted), rosewood (indian*, madagascar* or sierra
[Machaerium Villosum]), kingwood*, holly wood, lace wood, blood wood, bois de rose* (dalbergia maritima), hornbeam, mountain mahogany, cornel, pear wood, plum, ebony, alpine spruce, snakewood, poplar, beech, boxwood, cypress, yew. Please inquire for alternative woods, materials or decorations (e.g. I can supply mountain mahogany pegs). I use Aquila nylgut or Pyramid strings as standard. Gut or 'Red Series' loaded nylgut strings are available as well and the instruments priced accordingly.

* All my instruments with Dalbergia spp. parts to be shipped outside U.E. are provided with a CITES certificate.
UPDATE: Beginning from December 2019 a CITES certificate is no longer required for import-export of musical instruments.

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